Do you need an app?

Quite possibly, no! It may sound strange coming from a company specialising in mobile apps but the answer is often no to start with. Content Apps If you have an existing website offering a service the first and most important step is to make that site mobile friendly. The means optimising it so someone on their phone can perform common actions without need to curse. Once you have enabled an occasional user to use your site you now can make an intimate relationship with those frequent users who would love the better experience of an app.

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How much for an app

How much does it cost to make an app? If you’re thinking about creating a mobile app for your business one of the first things you want to know is, how much will it cost? We’ve heard of people asking this question in the Apple Store and receiving the response, “About £500.” You could even create a very basic application from as little as £99 through some online services. However, these estimates set unhelpful expectations if you want an app that is useful, pleasing to use, and most importantly brings value to your company.

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