Do you need an app?

September 17, 2016

Quite possibly, no!

It may sound strange coming from a company specialising in mobile apps but the answer is often no to start with.

Content Apps

If you have an existing website offering a service the first and most important step is to make that site mobile friendly. The means optimising it so someone on their phone can perform common actions without need to curse.

Once you have enabled an occasional user to use your site you now can make an intimate relationship with those frequent users who would love the better experience of an app.

Business Apps

Do you have a workforce who isn’t always attached to their desk? Small improvements in the efficiency of your team can have dramatic effects on the performance of your business. Despite what the telecoms companies might say there are plenty of situations where there is poor network connectivity this makes using an app essential for frustration free experiences.

Ok, it does sound like an app is good for you… You should now get in contact with us or wait for our upcoming article on how to pick an app partner.

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