New app MyPixPo puts your photographs on Apple TV

April 12, 2016

MyPixPo, the first tvOS app from fireseed mobile, lets you view photos from Flickr and Facebook via Apple TV. It’s available to download in the App Store now.

The app gives access to your entire photo archive, no matter how or where they were taken, thereby liberating your photo collection.

New app MyPixPo puts your photographs on Apple TV You can see all the photos you have uploaded to Flickr or Facebook, as well as photos you are tagged in. The app functions while Apple TV is playing music. Scrolling photos trigger memories and become conversation starters amongst your friends and family.

New app MyPixPo puts your photographs on Apple TV

With the release of the original Apple TV, I and many others fell in love with the ability for it to liberate your archive of photos that you’d taken over the years. Unfortunately, with each new release of the hardware things got worse with that side of the product.When the new Apple TV was announced I immediately wanted to bring a way of showing a truly random selection of photos from your entire archive. – Mark

MyPixPo is free to download but it will become ‘paid for’ with the next update, which will integrate access to Google Photos and Google Drive. The additional features will make it easier for photos to appear in the app if you, or a family member, use an Android device.

There is a companion app coming soon that will allow you to see the context of photos that have recently been shown on the TV.

MyPixPo is available to download from the Apple TV App Store now. Find it by searching ‘mypixpo’.

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