The importance of crash reporting

January 20, 2014

An app is not just for Christmas!

When you release an application out into the wild you can not predict exactly what will happen. This is especially true for Android but is becoming more so for iOS applications. Both Google and Apple do have some support for telling you something unexpected and very bad has happened in your app but these are very simplistic offerings. Despite how much care and attention goes into an application no realistic amount of testing will have tested every possible use of the application. As such problems do occur and as a responsible warrior in the battle on bad apps you want to address these problems as quickly as possible.

The first problem is knowing that your app has a problem. Google Play & iTunes Connect show you summaries but you have to actively log in and seek this information out. This is obviously not ideal as, hopefully, there will be nothing to report on most days. This rules out the standard offerings from helping you produce better software.


The main alternatives that I’ve used over the years are:

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