App development

We can take your whole app idea and make it a reality for you on Android and iOS or we can take on components or integrate within your existing team.

Issue management

Do you have an application that doesn't behave quite like it should? We can steer you back onto the right track.

Process automation

We can help your team spend their time on creating exciting new features by providing single click release processes that build, test and deploy your app.


Confused by Provisioning / Swift / API consoles / Continuous Integration machines / Git? We can provide custom training to help your team be more productive.

Server Development

To make exciting apps you almost always need server infrastructure to keep the magic happening. We can help design an implement APIs and integrations with third party services.

Honest advice

It may sound funny from an app company but always start from the standpoint of “Do you really need an app for that?”. Sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes it is no and web technology is the better approach.

Do you want to know more?

A lot of our work is secret but you can get in contact and we can explain a little more!